The best ways to support local hospitality businesses this summer

Life in Pakistan is inching back to normality far sooner than much of the rest of the world, with shops, restaurants, cafés, malls now able to operate with only a few safety and hygiene measures in place. 

However, the impact that shutdowns had on hospitality businesses earlier in the year is still taking its toll. As we enter the summer holiday season, there’s never been a better time to support your local businesses by making a few simple choices.

Dine out more

This is the season to indulge a little more than usual, so treat yourself to a great meal or drink out as much as you can afford, be it brunch with friends, a cheeky arvo hair-of-the-dog pint, a delicious dinner with a special someone, or cocktails with the squad.

Wherever possible, order direct

While third-party delivery apps are convenient, they also take huge share out of the pockets of vendors. Wherever possible, order your take out directly from the restaurant. This might mean you need to pick it up yourself, but this is also an incentive to explore your local food scene and find hidden gems in your own backyard. 

Try somewhere new

Sure, we all have our favourite places for a feed, but variety is the spice of life my friend, so be brave and try out restaurants that aren’t already on your radar. Pakistan has one of the most eclectic food scenes in the country with cuisines from all over the world represented across the country. Let your curiosity and your empty belly be your guide.

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